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All-inclusive car rental in Florida

Via OrlandoHolidayInfo it is possible to rent a car via Sunny Cars. Sunny Cars is a European rental agency for larger rental companies with one big advantage; Sunny Cars offers the rental cars with an extra (all-inclusive) insurance. All rental companies tell you that you are fully insured. Yet tires, undercarriage, roof and windows are mostly not insured or not sufficient enough, so you still pay the price when you return the car with minor or major damage. This is where the extra insurance of Sunny Cars comes in. The prices are a little bit higher than other rental companies, but others cannot offer you this great package where you can drive your rental without worries. It's better to be on the safe side, when it comes to renting a car in the USA. In the end renting cheap can get very expensive if something happens. Sunny Cars uses Alamo for most of their rentals. We have very good experiences with Alamo over the years and we always choose Alamo ourselves. Try it yourself and use the tool below to calculate the costs for a car on your trip!


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